Month: September 2019

Loans to relocate – your friends will thank you

Friends always say yes to help move, even if it is hard work. Up and down stairs with heavy boxes and furniture, and you know you’ll be eaten off with a boring pizza and a can of beer as thanks for 12 hours of physical exertion. When your friends have finally left, you are left […]

How does a vehicle loan work?

You want to leave the combis and finally have your own car, but do you know what is the process to obtain the bank’s financing? First, you must choose the vehicle credit you want, according to the requirements of each institution, which by the way tend to be different. Once you have chosen and requested […]


Facts about application code for micro loans. Also find the cheapest loan – Payday Loans

When applying for a micro-loan, it is a bit different what applies when it comes to application code. Some lending institutions use these, while others do not care at all. One trend that one has been able to see in recent years is that more and more lenders are leaving this with an application code. […]