Negotiate Mortgage

This is a little fun part of a loan when it comes to negotiating. In fact, the lenders are not really that fond of people repaying their loans. They simply make less money then. This goes without saying for borrowers who have a good financial position in the bank’s eyes. Those with a more strained economy may be forced to repay.

In our eyes, it is usually always a good idea to repay part of a loan as this provides many benefits in the long run. And it is actually that lenders somehow also like this, even if they do not really want people to. For a person who repays in good order on each repayment occasion is a responsible borrower. Which is clearly positive to be in a negotiation.

Negotiate the valuation


If you wish to increase on an earlier mortgage, it is not uncommon for the bank to want you to pay for a valuation of the home. In this case, you are sure that your loans do not exceed about 70% of the market value of the home, do what you can to avoid paying such a valuation. It is then possible to get the bank to pay for this.

Fixed interest rates


If you want to have the greatest opportunity to negotiate the interest rate for a mortgage, then fixed interest is a good choice. This is because it is not as easy to move a mortgage that has a fixed interest rate, which means that it is more likely that you as a customer will be the loyal lender. Instead, a floating loan can be moved in principle at any time without any extra costs, which means that the banks cannot be sure of making as much money. For example, if they agree to too much discount, they may only earn a very small sum which, in their eyes, is not enough if you as a lender choose to change bank.

If you therefore intend to have all or part of the loan bound, it is one thing to point out to the lender as this can be to your advantage.



In these articles you have been able to read about a number of tips when it comes to negotiating mortgages. Of course, what is right for you is not something we can say, but it is completely dependent on the occasion.

It’s not a matter of being too cowardly when negotiating with a bank without standing up is good. Then this should not be an exaggeration, but it is about feeling the situation. If you prepare well and then use a good and convincing language, it will often be good to negotiate the interest rate.

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