Aspiring fashion designers Alex and beauty entrepreneurs are invited to come and learn from the guru himself


Fashion designers and beauty entrepreneurs from Alex looking to break into the business can learn a thing or two from David Tlale’s success story and are welcome to take advantage of it when he launches his latest range.

The event will take place at the Maponya Mall in Soweto and budding fashion designers will learn a thing or two from her hit book. Tlale is one of South Africa’s great success stories and aspiring beauty moguls are guaranteed a masterclass from this titan of the industry. Those who sell products can also gain much-needed knowledge at the November 5 event.

“I’m beyond thrilled to finally bring this collection to people. I want to be there; I want to see them devour it because I’ve created each of these pieces so everyone can say, ‘I own an item by David Tlale. So please come out in numbers. Let’s shop and have fun,” Tlale said.

“The #AvonxDavidTlale collaboration was first introduced in 2020 with the aim of democratizing luxury fashion by removing the cost barrier of designer clothing,” said Mafahle Moreletse, Managing Director of Avon Turkey, Middle East. and Africa.

“I’m honored that the #AvonxDavidTlale collaboration continues to change the lives of hard-working beauty entrepreneurs who are able to attract new clients and retain existing clients through rare access to high-end lifestyle fashion. range made possible by the collaboration,” added Tlale.

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