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NEW GLASSES: The Baccarat crystal factory celebrated Paris Fashion Week on Thursday with an event to present the creations of 11 designers who have personalized its signature Harcourt glass.

Imane Ayissi, Benjamin Benmoyal, Tom Van der Borght, Clara Daguin, Honey F–king Dijon, Kevin Germanier, Mira Mikati, Charles de Vilmorin, Victor Weinsanto, Yoshiki and Jarel Zhang gave their turn to the glass which celebrates this 180th anniversary year, with unique creations that have escaped practical considerations in favor of pure imagination.

Dijon sprayed the glass with metallic paint traditionally used for cars, Mikati coated his with colored crochet, and Yoshiki added tendrils of glass to transform the object into a poisonous flower. Germanier’s version was virtually unrecognizable beneath a pile of multicolored shards meant to evoke an explosion of glass.

“I tried to choose what was most in tune with the moment,” said Laurence Benaïm, the journalist who organized the project. “I chose those who looked deep within for the somewhat disruptive energy of this period. That’s what fascinated me about their work: that they each express, in a very unique way, something about this period and themselves.

Imane Ayissi and the models
François Goizé/Courtesy of Baccarat

Benaïm noted that several of the designers have come out of the pandemic. De Vilmorin made his debut on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks this week after founding his brand in an attic bedroom during the first lockdown, while Van der Borght was crowned winner of the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival. , seven years after launching his brand.

Van der Borght said he drew inspiration from the outdoors for his eyewear, which is adorned with overstock beads, macrame and hardware from mountaineering gear.

“My work is always a bit between art, fashion and performance, so for me going from body to object was not a big step. I drew a lot of inspiration from the current era. We’ve been in it for a really long time, so the idea was really to create something with an idea of ​​going out,” he explained.

“We made this group of four glasses a kind of collective image with all the different colors to represent the uniqueness of the individual and to celebrate the differences,” added the designer, who will return to Hyères later this month. here to present the new collection he has been working on. with the Chanel Lesage and Maison Michel workshops as part of its award.

Daguin brought a high-tech touch to his contribution. “When I think of a crystal glass, I think of when you put water in it and run your finger over the rim to make the glass ‘sing’. I wanted to do that, but with light , so there’s a sensor inside, and when you touch the edge, it lights up from the bottom,” she said.

The designer, who recently unveiled an activewear project connected with the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing, was present at the evening with several models dressed in her luminous creations. Germanier brought along a detachment that included Miss Fame, while Ayissi was flanked by muses dressed in fringed creations in the same shade of Baccarat red as the beads decorating her glass.

The pieces will remain on display at Maison Baccarat in Paris until November 30.


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