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Bold & Beautiful’s Matthew Atkinson reveals new look / short hair: pictured

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At first, we were so distracted by the scenery that we didn’t notice that the actor had undergone a radical transformation.

Over the past week or so, Matthew Atkinson has dropped photo after photo of his trips abroad. On the 14th, he shared a snapshot of “the Duomo di Firenze – something that started in 1296 ”, he noted,“ and took over 100 years to complete. “

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On the 16th, the Bold and beautiful star shared photos from his mountain biking adventure in Switzerland.

A day later, Thomas’ portrait painter dropped snaps from the wedding of an old friend, someone he had grown with from “grade school, boy scouts, reuniting Eagle and through our careers.”

Finally, when Atkinson shared a pic taken at Lake Como, it hit us like a ton of bricks: he had gone to cut his sexy Tarzan hair!

However, the idol had not regained his original baby air, he had left his goatee untouched. (Good luck resisting that mug, Paris!)

Of course, Atkinson is far from the first soap star to drastically change her appearance. He’s not even the first of The Bold and the Beautiful. If you want to browse more, take a look at the photo gallery below, which is full of jaw-dropping before-and-after photos of many of your favorite makeovers.

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