Bridal wear is changing as fashion designers find new ways to change their vocabulary


Floor-length dresses aren’t the only options for brides anymore. As designers experiment, bridal wear around the world evolves to include fashionable cuts and silhouettes.

Although less spectacular, they can still be visually striking and eye-catching for such a special day.

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i am every woman

Launching a new demi-couture branch of her fashion house, American designer Vera Wang is betting on customization.

In an interview with vogue, she says every woman is different and uses her designs to showcase her “own creative inclinations while expanding a bride’s vocabulary.” The collection covers different looks, from dresses to short dresses.

Beyond weddings

Oscar De La Renta pays attention to the areas of pre- and post-party weddings for the current year. The Spring/Summer 2022 bridal wear capsule collection includes less dramatic pieces such as cocktail dresses.

This is seen as a way for the famous luxury brand to challenge the traditional long-sleeved maxi dress, allowing models to be worn for another occasion.

Beautiful in all sizes

Under the slogan “Bridal for all”, designer Katharine Polk, originally from the United States, defends the inclusion of the size. Her designs have been seen to include everything from mini and corset dresses to a pantsuit ensemble.

Celebrating all body sizes is important to Polk. In 2016, it opened to Harper’s Bazaar on how she struggled with eating disorders.


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