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Casey Stoney plays down links with Wrexham manager amid online abuse

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Casey Stoney has won 130 caps for England

Casey Stoney has played down ties to the vacant Wrexham managerial post and what would be the first female nomination by a professional men’s team in the UK.

The former Manchester United female boss is one of the bookies’ favorites to succeed Dean Keates, but says she is currently spending time with her family.

Stoney also spoke out against the sexist trolling she received on Twitter.

She said these people should be “ashamed”.

The former England defender left her post at Manchester United in May after finishing fourth in the Women’s Super League and narrowly missing out on a Champions League berth.

She said after three years it was a good time to “take some time”.

Wrexham’s managerial post has become vacant after failing to qualify for the National League play-offs in the last game of the season.

The club, which was taken over by Hollywood duo Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, decided not to renew the contract of Dean Keates who had been in charge since 2019.

The actors said they were “committed to bringing the club back to the EFL as soon as possible” and believe a change of manager will offer the “best chance”.

Stoney’s connection to the role, which would see her become the first female manager of a professional men’s team in the UK, has sparked a wave of abuse online.

She replied, “If you have a daughter, sister, wife or mother, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Wales record scorer Helen Ward said “it would be great to see a woman in a senior men’s team position” but “it has to be the right fit”.

“Casey has done very well at Manchester United but she is still relatively inexperienced as a manager so if she doesn’t think it’s fair she’s not going to go,” she told BBC Radio Wales.

The Watford forward has said a women’s nomination will take place sooner rather than later.

“When you look at female managers, they are less experienced than a lot of men just because the game has been unprofessional for a very long time.

“The right time is not yet right, but I think it is coming. It is being talked about more and more with the jobs that arise now, so it is only a matter of time before it does. come.”

She added that a female manager might be “a bit of a novelty” to begin with, but believes male players will be “very professional”.

“They have a manager there to do a job and I think they would respect that and continue,” adding that “I think the players would be a lot more receptive to it than maybe the fans.”

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