November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

Confidence in clothing – The Daily Eastern News

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Self-image is on the minds of many people. Some maintain their image at a high level or are not the most confident. People can have certain outfits in which they feel the most powerful. I gave competitive speeches in high school. I used to spend my Saturdays in a blazer and heels while making speeches every two hours. There was something about wearing this outfit that gave me confidence.

During the presentation, I felt like I was the most qualified and confident person in the room. However, this is not the case for everyone. I knew people on my team who wouldn’t wait to put on sweatpants and slippers to wait for the rewards. Some people felt really uncomfortable and it hurt their performance.

I was also a big child of the theater. I knew people who lit up the stage when they were in costume. I was directed for musicals but I was in the cast for plays. I felt nervous in costume, but once I threw black and a helmet on my stage, I was unstoppable. It was different for everyone. Sometimes people felt better in formal attire than in their costumes.

So this begs the question of whether part of the confidence comes from what you wear? I think so. This goes for settings that are not professional. Got a pair of sneakers that make you feel like you own it all? Wear Them!

Just wearing clothes that make you comfortable can boost your self-confidence. It can be fine for our friends in transition. Clothing that is comfortable for them can help them feel confident. This is not true for everyone, but perhaps for a good part of the people.

So why should I consider this? Learn what makes you feel better. Confidence can get you through a lot in life. It could range from job interviews, big tests, or even an average Tuesday. Feeling confident can impact your overall happiness.

Imagine how many days could have been better if you had been confident and felt that you could accomplish anything. It has absolutely nothing to do with the outfit you are wearing. It could be anything. It could start with getting a good amount of sleep. Even a positive way of thinking. Confidence can come from anything.

Confidence doesn’t have to be on stage and playing an opera. To my introverted people, this could be a problem with your Starbucks order. Not everyone needs to have the same definition of trust. It is normal that your type of confidence is different from everyone else.

Whether it’s going for the winged eyeliner, returning an order, or even just thinking positively, trust can come from anywhere. Define it and claim it. Everyone deserves to be confident and happy.

Ellen Dooley is a first year special education student. She can be contacted at 581-2812 or [email protected]

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