Fans react to Kanye West using homeless models at fashion show


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  • Kanye West is looking for homeless people to work as models in an upcoming fashion show
  • News that the rapper-turned-designer is gearing up for a collaboration with Skid Row Fashion Week has sparked a lot of reactions from fans
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It’s been almost seven years since Kanye West unveiled his first clothing collection after teaming up with Adidas for what was dubbed “Yeezy Season 1”, which debuted with a bang at a star-studded fashion show. New York week.

The initial line included a variety of rugged, oversized items, ranging in price from a $405 thermal shirt to a $3,250 jacket. His foray into fashion was met with skepticism by many, but the rapper who turned heads by pairing Gucci backpacks with pink Ralph Lauren polo shirts at a time when his contemporaries preferred baggy jeans and singlets ridiculously large basketball shoes would soon become established. as a force to be reckoned with in space.

West has since made his fortune from the success of the Yeezy brand and has largely silenced the many critics who have argued that no one would want to shell out as much as many people thankfully have for clothes that were often compared to something you’d expect. a homeless. no one to carry.

Now it seems that the circle is complete, because TMZ reports that people from this particular group will rock West’s new collection at a fashion show.

According to the outlet, West is collaborating with Skid Row Fashion Week in hopes of contributing to the fashion brand’s admirable mission by donating proceeds from a new line to help the homeless population of Los Angeles and by allowing some of the homeless workers to have jobs in the factory. where clothes are produced to be rocked at an upcoming event.

Say what you want about West, but it’s hard to hate him for that decision (creatively speaking, it’s not entirely a stretch to argue that this could also be considered commentary on the traditionally exclusive nature of high fashion – an industry West was able to infiltrate alongside legendary designer Virgil Abloh, who died last year after a meteoric rise that led to him being named the company’s first black creative director story of Louis Vitton).

That said, the news drew a mix of reactions, including a number of obligatory references to Zoolander (who drew his inspiration for Derelicte from a real clothing line).

Based on Kanye’s story, there’s a chance it could be an absolute disaster that could backfire in dire fashion, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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