FFXIV Bone Necklace Fashion Report Week 221


the FFXIV Fashion Report Week 221 Bone Necklace is an item you can use for the “A Bone to Pick” necklace clue. There are several other necklaces that will probably do the job, but the bone necklace is the simplest and cheapest item to use. You’ll have enough trouble with the other clothes. That being the case, we are going to show you how to get the Bone Necklace in FFXIV. We’ll also give you some quick tips for other items.

FFXIV Bone Necklace Fashion Report Week 221

How to Get a Bone Necklace in FFXIV Fashion Report Week 221

There are several ways to get the Bone Necklace for FFXIV Week 221 Fashion Report, especially the “Choose One Bone” hint. For one, you can buy it from multiple vendors. These include Lolonu at Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X: 13.6, Y: 9.8), Ilorie at Old Gridania (X: 14.4, Y: 9.6), and Sorcha at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 14.4, Y: 9.6) . All of them sell the item for the same price of 156 Gil, which is very cheap. Even better, any character can wear this necklace, as long as they’re level 8 or higher. You can also get it through goldsmith crafting; it requires two stained femurs and a copper ring. However, the easiest way is to buy it because it is very cheap.

So yeah, that’s how you get the Bone Necklace for the “A Bone to Choose” hint in FFXIV’s Week 221 Fashion Report. The fang necklace and the horn necklace should also work, maybe even the red coral necklace, but the bone one is definitely the way to go. As for the Shivering Timbers body armor, you can use the Pagos Shirt, Arachne of Striking/Scouting Shirt, or Griffin of Striking/Scouting Leather Coat. The Finally Coiled Pants are any Dreadwyrm or Replica Dreadwyrm pants. Lastly, Bookworm boots are all Sharlayan boots, available in Gubal’s large library. Just pay attention to what boots you can wear depending on your job and what Dreadwyrm pants they can be matched with. Feel free to share the outfits you put together in the comments below.


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