Gloucestershire fashion brand Weird Fish sales top pre-pandemic figures Tewkesbury Gloucester Quays


Tewkesbury-based retailer Weird Fish has seen in-store sales rise by a third year-to-date compared to 2019.

The fashion brand has seen a 31% increase in sales so far this year, compared to 2019, and a 22% increase in like-for-like sales between April and June 2022, compared to the same period last year.

Weird Fish has 17 branded stores, including one at Gloucester Quays, and 300 stockists across the UK.

Ben Mercier, Client Director at Weird Fishsaid: “Some may say that the future looks bleak for stores, but there is evidence that some multi-channel retailers’ store performance is booming, and they are still a crucial part of their business strategy – for good raison.

“Stores complement our online channel, and vice versa. We believe the success of our stores is built on a variety of elements – strong marketing campaigns, excellent customer service, prime locations, but most importantly, customers recognize that our products exhibit great value and high quality.”

Weird Fish has pledged to freeze prices for Spring/Summer 2022, to maintain customer confidence in the brand during the cost of living crisis.

The retailer said it chooses its store locations carefully, based on where it knows its customers.

Mr. Mercier continued: “Location is everything, and just because a store works in one area doesn’t mean it will work in another. It’s far better to excel in fewer places than too many.” ‘stretch.”

As part of its digital investment, Weird Fish has upgraded all of its stores to allow customers to place online orders on-site, to facilitate their shopping experience.


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