Governor Anne Waiguru launches campaign to promote local fashion designers and stylists


In an announcement on her social media platforms, Waiguru pledged to showcase the creativity of young Kenyans by letting them style her hair.

She posted a video of her dancing Sipangwingwi song went viral.

During the campaign, the governor will take photos showing her dressed in Kenyan-style clothing, ranging from mitumba, local fundi clothing, and Kenyan designer clothing.

The campaign has been dubbed “60 Days of Kenyan Style Hustle” and she also hopes to get other Kenyans to join her in appreciating local talent.

Please join me in supporting and celebrating the Kenyan style and the creative bustle. Every day for the next 60 days, I will share pictures of myself wearing a “Kenyan style” outfit; from saved mitumba, your local fundi to Kenyan designer clothes,” she said.

A previous report from The Standard said that Kenya’s fashion industry has the potential to grow into a 35 billion shillings market.

However, he struggles to reach his potential due to cheap imports, lack of visibility and Robert’s distribution.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was at the forefront of the defense of the textile company Rivatext which gave birth to its popular shirts.

Support for the Kenyan textile and clothing sector is helping to provide a source of gainful employment for its young and rapidly growing population.


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