October 22, 2021
  • October 22, 2021

New York Fashion Week: Day 4

By on September 11, 2021 0

Fashion Week is back in full force and there is a lot to see. Blink (or scroll too fast on Instagram) and you’ll miss the details: small bags, tall shoes, feathered hats, leather capes, and diamond dog collars. Every day we will highlight one thing we saw on the catwalks that delighted or mystified us.

Just when you think the tie-dye trend may have faded – following an early pandemic wave, when returning DIY projects provided a welcome distraction from the hellish reality of containment – She comes back to the most unlikely places.

Batsheva isn’t exactly known for the relaxed, summery granola vibes associated with tie-dyeing. Designer Batsheva Hay typically rocks the other way around the 1960s and 1950s, with lounge dresses, delicate vintage florals, and structured, full-coverage dresses. On her Friday show (held at Serendipity 3, that pastel-colored cafe, hot chocolates, and beloved Upper East Side tourists), she gave several models big puffy wigs and thick makeup in cat’s eye.

The look wasn’t cold at all – and it didn’t have to be – which made the appearance of tie-dye tights on Mrs. Hay’s catwalk so surprising. Models wore them under Batsheva’s signature meadow dresses and cropped pants in several color combinations, such as lime green and white, pink and red, and black and blue.

Tie-dye tights weren’t just a style choice: although the brand has never made tights before, they plan to produce them by spring 2022. The idea came to Ms Hay when she saw tie-dye stockings as she searched for 1950s commercials. The tights on the runway used the Rit all-purpose dye and were made by a staff member in her bathroom after work. Like many aspects of pandemic life, DIY has gone nowhere.

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