Seoul’s Next-Gen Fashion Designers Are Charting Their Own Paths


Highlight of the last Seoul Fashion Weeks, Minju Kim left and found success on her own terms by winning Netflix Next in fashion, which earned him a devoted following. Rather than returning to the catwalks, she is focusing on opening her first store in Gahoe-dong, which is set to debut with the beautiful Spring 2023 “Fairy’s Wish”: the designer’s vision of a fairy, carrying the promise of spring, appearing as voluminous white dresses with puffed sleeves and filmy black dresses printed with hand drawings of dried Minju flowers.

Culturally, Korea is often criticized for its lack of individuality. It follows that the best young designers are eager to go their own way. According to Juntae Kim, “there are many emerging creative designers in Korea, but these people are currently mostly working independently and there is a lack of means to bring them together”. While this independence is beautiful, most agree that a strong community would help each of them thrive together and apart. “Not just fashion,” adds Kim, “it would be great if there was a place for everyone to come together, for Korean artists from different fields to gather, meet and share ideas.” It seems simple enough. This may be the next shape Seoul Fashion Week should take.


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