The fashion designer and the mushroom man


Written by Ifat Pridan

This won’t be another lecture on the environmental benefits of slow fashion, but I will tell you why you should buy your mushrooms at the farmer’s market…

Working with smaller, independent designers is less flexible and takes stress levels to new heights, but it’s worth it because it makes us feel like we’re wearing clothes that make sense and make us, yes us, important!! The designer’s energy is reflected in the clothes, there’s no doubt about it. Every seam is intentional, the inspiration for each piece, the research of the fabrics and the cut.

It’s like the mushroom seller at the farmer’s market. He loves talking about his mushrooms, what you can do with them, what’s best for cooking and what can be eaten raw. You can see the respect he has for the mushroom in the way he puts them in a paper bag. He made them grow since they were babies, sometimes I want to tell him “ok, leave it to me, I’ll take good care of them”.

How does it actually work?

OK, let’s say it’s summer. While you were at the beach, the designer worked drawing, deleting, talking with fabric producers, choosing zippers, laces. Yes, as in Project Runway. Finally, the collection was born: a perfect sample of each style is sent to be photographed. The collection may have a few different bands based on color, fabric, or style (depending on the size of the collection), but it must be a cohesive collection with the designers thumbprint.

We are now at the end of summer. It’s fashion week. Shops travel the world to buy. We meet the designer in a dedicated showroom with a model, always too skinny… We buy like you: feel the fabric, check the cut, turn the model over, visualize how it will adapt to the “boutique look” and thinking about all the questions YOU are going to ask us (“how do you wash that”? hahaha). We have to be very delicate. Like with mushrooms.

Orders will dictate the final supply of the collection, naturally some items will be dropped off, if there were not enough orders. We are now at the beginning of autumn, the designer must buy the right amount of fabric according to the orders of each piece. Once they have the fabric, and while you’re busy shopping for coats and Christmas gifts, the summer collection is being made. We call it “cut to order”. That’s why it’s almost impossible to re-order an item after it’s sold out.

NY77 design photo by Lili The First

Fall 2022 collection

Last week we welcomed one of our favorite designers, NY77 Design, to the store. Alec has just returned from Ukraine, sewing uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers. He said a prayer for every finished coat, to keep the man who will wear it safe, and even had inspiration for his next collection.

For its fall collection, one of the groups is based on the Brooklyn Bridge. The print was transformed from a photo he took on a rainy night while strolling in New York. Another group is based on a new Japanese innovation in the field of embroidery. Not only is the area ten times larger than traditional machines, but it also has the ability to create different levels of embroidery height. Real 3D!

And that’s why we love the mushroom guy!


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