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Tory Burch and Parsons team up for an Empowering Future Fashion Leaders scholarship

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The Parsons School of Design announced a five-year multidisciplinary partnership with designer and businesswoman Tory Burch, including the establishment of the Empowering Future Fashion Leaders scholarship fund within the institution.

Additionally, Burch will be offering a million dollar donation that aims to provide ongoing financial support to students each year.

The partnership and fund intend to cover a multitude of academic disciplines at Parsons, with students studying BFA Fashion Design, MFA Textiles, and AAS Marketing and Communications having the opportunity to engage with clothing brand Tory Burch.

Attendees will benefit from mentoring from the Tory Burch team during visits to brand workshops, as well as public lectures and work experience by the design house. Additionally, the scholarship fund seeks to reduce the financial burden on Parsons students, compounded to support admission to education.

“Parsons is very proud to partner with Tory Burch to provide greater access to fashion education and industry-driven educational experiences,” said Ben Barry, dean of the Parsons School of Fashion, in a statement.

He continued, “Tory’s goal-oriented approach to the fashion business has created a new model for the industry and her designs, driven by extensive research, have become iconic in American fashion narratives. . Tory is an inspiration to our students, and I can’t wait for them to learn from her and her team.

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